This page is about "whats up right now".
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October 20 2016

So what happened with the Dragon ?
The result was really inpredictable.

Since the plan was “No plan, and everything is all right", some where more frustrated than others.
Jessicas son Felix had no problems at all with this, so his creativity made a significant impact to the stove.

Everybody had there own week ideas about how this would end up, so with nobody in charge we just began to make brickwork.
The basic core became like a Gymse, since it would give us the most freedom to shape the rest.
After some days it began to take shape, and the technic, the flow of the smoke, was determined.

We had some frustrations of several kinds during this journey, but to me the result is just beautiful.

Not quit finished, but i want you to se it now ;-)

As you can se, it more became a volcano surrounded by the dragon.
I still didn’t get fire or smoke out the mouth as planned.
The channel with a damper from the fireplace is there, but the firewood i have is heavy with short flames.
Not good for a cookstove, and nor for a dragon ;-)
Well, we actually got smoke out of the mouth, but since it burns clean its not visible.
Light in the eye, is just the button of a winebotle with a candlelight behind.

January 2016
In november we had a fine workshop in Vilopriu northern Catalonia.
Suddenly i had all the conditions right for a workshop in this litle village where i spend a lot of time.
My neighbor and good friend Joseph Marsa desperately needed a good stove, and we can now accommodate the hole crew in our big house.
I just needed participants to take a very quick decission.
Then a guy called from Copenhagen and asked for a workshop for 8 persons a.s.a.p.
Just great :-)))))
And it became great !
Lots of fun and bears (handcraftsmen from Copenhagen that all knew eachother in advance)
It was special for me, and just for once i could teach in danish even though we where 2.300km away :-)
We will do that again for sure.
And Pep got his stove and nice warmth in the basement of his house where he spend the most time.

In october 2016 a very special workshop will take place in a similar room (like a mountaincave) in our own house.
A Dragon as a stove, or a stove as a dragon, will be build by some of the best stovebuilders in this world.
I chosed them from their very different special skills, and since everybody immediately said YES, it toke less than 2 weeks from idea to gather a full crew.
These are:
Jessica Steinhauser from Canada for her magic work with teils.
Conrado Tognetti from Argentina and his Marina for there excelent work with fine plaster, and practical sollutions.
Pál Szengroti From Hungaria who is great in wild rough constructions, but allso in very detailed carved stones.
Andrea Zsusanna Tanyik from Budapest have a great female touch, and the patience to make the bricks follow her will.
Steen Moeller from Denmark, the best with clay and straw in his hands to make shapes.
Rosi Baena Catalonia to make sure we keep up the good spirit and get good food (very important ;-)
And my self to make sure it will work as a good stove no matter how it will end up look like.

There are others i would have liked very much to have invited, but since everybody said yes, and we have limited capacity..............

To my knowledge, its the first time a bunch of stovebuilders goes together from east, west, north and south, just to create a wild thing never done before.
The task is not to make a nice stove, but something nobody would like to have in there own livingroom.
We need a Dragon in this village.
We are two who have a rare but nasty disease called "Lupus" latin for "the wolf".
It take our strength, so we need to scare it out. Who can do that if not a Dragon ?

We have a lot of no money and bad cameras, so if anybody can imagine a documentary of this event, please contact me.

November 2015
Sorry this is really slow news.
A summer passed by suddenly, with a really good workshop on Drejř.
Participents from so far away as Argentina and California + France and Denmark.

We had a lot of fun again this year, its not easy to be the living support for an arch, when your nose ich ;-)
But we allso made a beautifull cookstove, next to previsus years stoves.

I will get a problem with too many stoves one day, but i cannot make myself to take them down ;-)

Our "pizzastove" bake oven in the courtyeard got a "make over" too, by masterplaster Marina and Conrado.

It became so nice, that Conrado chosed to build a roof to cover it from the rain, instead of my anual update.

What else is up -
In a few days we will have a workshop in Vilopriu Catalonia.
Peculiar is, that when i make a workshop in Denmark, people comes from everywhere.
This workshop here in Vilopriu will be with only danish participants.
I look forward to educate in danish, and not the least to once again hear Steen Moeller in his naitive languishe.
His kind of deep serius jokes are hard to translate ;-)

April 5 2015
Well i hit the hole ;-)