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April 5 2015
Well i hit the hole ;-)

In a discussion in a danish forum lately, some said, that art and tecnology had nothing to do with each other.
I dont know about art, but from a tecnological point of view, this works just perfect.

Right now im preparing this years international workshop on Drejoe.
Film from previus workshops here

A little more about this years workshop here

Visit from Canada
Jessica Steinhauser came by for a short, but very intens and heartwarming meeting here in Vilopriu.
If you (still) dont know who she is, take a look here.
We talked a lot about our different conditions of actually doing the same.
We have a very different stile, but somehow the same tast, believe it or not.
We both have deep respect for each others work, so why not try to se what will happen if we "melt it together".
I could definitely want me a surface on my cookstove made by Jessica !


January 29 2015
OOPS - Last update was august last year !
Does that mean nothing happens ?
Not at all.
In general i would say, the less time i spend on my website, the more is actually happening.

This winter it has been very exiting for me to realize how these stoves work, when you move south to a warmer climate.
Is it really nessesary with that kind of stoves in Spain ?
I can only answer - YES INDEED !!!

In general the temperature is 10 degrees higher here in northern Catalonia than in Denmark, and we have fare less wind.
So heatingssystems is not something most people think much about.
You can bye a lot of sweaters for the price of a good stove.
On the other hand you se airconditioning everywhere in modern houses, so i think the total energy consumption is about the same.

In older houses aircon is really not needed, since the buildings are extremely heavy build, so it can level out the temperature.
But they get cold in wintertime, and faster than i thought.

We spend a week-end at Mallorca in a house similar to our own in construction, but much bigger.
4000m2, 2 open fireplaces and some electrical fans.
It just dont work this time of year, and i meet it everywhere :-(
It was just so nice to come home sunday night, to our "only" 800m2 house of the same kind to the leftovers of heat from thursdays fire in the masonry heater we have here.

Temperatures change very slowly in these houses, so it was a kind of a wake-up-call for me, to spend a couple of days in a house similar to my own, but with no good stove.
Shit it was cold.
We where not there for wacation, but to se if we could make some agreement for doing work-shops there, and provide the heat they (to my oppinion) really desperately need.
Unfortunately we could not.

Here in Vilopru, we can manage with so fare only one stove at the first floor.
When we have "traumontana" (the cold northern wind from the mountains) we preferre to be in the same room as the stove.
The house is about 800 years old, and some of the windows and doors too, but you just dont change that kind of historical things.
Today i finally will finish our cook-stove, that will tripple the capacity of heat. Then i think it will not get so crowdy in the living room :-)
The chimney have been a challenge, since it had to be twisted and bended at the same time to reatch the hole in the vault above, and not conflict with the workingarea at floorlevel.
A crazy construction, where you have nothing to messure to or from. Only your eyes can judge where you goes.
Actually i think that its just the way this house is build, so more or less i just follow an old tradition, or maybe just the spirit of this house.