This page is about "whats up right now".
The newest will be on top, so if you read from buttom up, you get a history like in a blog.

November 2015
Sorry this is really slow news.
A summer passed by suddenly, with a really good workshop on Drejų.
Participents from so far away as Argentina and California + France and Denmark.

We had a lot of fun again this year, its not easy to be the living support for an arch, when your nose ich ;-)
But we allso made a beautifull cookstove, next to previsus years stoves.

I will get a problem with too many stoves one day, but i cannot make myself to take them down ;-)

Our "pizzastove" bake oven in the couryeard got a "make over" too, by masterplaster Marina and Conrado.

It became so nice, that Conrado chosed to build a roof to cover it from the rain, instead of my anual update.

What else is up -
In a few days we will have a workshop in Vilopriu Catalonia.
Peculiar is, that when i make a workshop in Denmark, people comes from everywhere.
This workshop here in Vilopriu will be with only danish participants.
I look forward to educate in danish, and not the least to once again hear Steen Moeller in his naitive languishe.
His kind of deep serius jokes are hard to translate ;-)

Next year
A spectacular event is coming up.
Some of the best stovebuilders in the world will get together here in Catalonia, to build a Dragon with fire in the mouth and light in the eyes
in the basefloor in our very old house.
We will help the old dragon home to its cave ;-)
At the backwall of the old oliveoilmill you can se, that this house is build into the mountain.