International Work-Shop in Denmark 2014
21-28 of june at Nygaarden Drejoe as usual.
This year we begin with a party :-)
One of the participants bring his band, so be sure to arrive in good time saturday.

Besides learning about - and building stoves, we will try out a new tecnic, to make these stoves work without a chimney.
We will condensate the smoke, wash it, and only let out pure Co2.
At the same time this process will bring up the overall efficiency to about 120%
To do so, we will need a little electricity, but we will let the stove itself produce this by a thermogenerator.
Sten Moeller from Freeland will be the co-teatcher at this project.

A good friend and a colleg of mine, Jens Andersen, will bring a stove of his own kind.
He build stoves very different from me, so this is a chance to se how they look inside.

So we will have a lot of activities this year, and we still have room for more participants.
Price: 1000euros all incl.
More info or sign up:
Send me an email:

September 29. 2013
Winter is coming up in Denmark, but here in Catalonia its still what i would call a really good summer.
I begin to miss a good fire though.
My girlfriend and i are moving from a flat in town to a big old house in a village called Vilopriu.
For most locals here, its just an old house, but to me its amazing, and for several reasons.

First of all, i look very much forward to build some stoves for myself again, and i will have plenty of uppertunities in this house.
800m2 (8600sqft) in 3 floors. Separation between the floors, and all staircases are made in catalan vaults, so its very strong, and i can build my stoves whereever i want to.
Catalan vault, whats that ?
Take a look at this: